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I would like to talk about my job. I’m a sculptress and I really like my job because not only I make a living out of it, but also because it is my passion. It started when I was about thirteen when I went with my elder brother to Rome to visit the Vatican’s Rooms. It was the first time I saw such important works by so famous artists,Seeing all those masterpieces influenced me so much , so I’m quite sure thatit may be the reason why I became an artist. It was an intense experience that changed something in me… Ever since then I try to recreate that emotion through my works. I prefer sculpting to painting because I can use a lot of materials, like: marble, wood, glass, at the moment I’m working on a new figure and I’m a using transparent resin.When I was younger I used to work on marble. To learn this new technique, I lived for a year in Carrara near Florence, a town which has always been an important cultural centre in Tuscany, with very old artisan traditions, with lots of workshops and artistic foundries. Their works are exported all over the world. Thanks to the rich artistic context many Italian and foreigner artists have chosen Carrara as the place where to work and live creating a unique community dedicated to art . I worked with artists who came from all different parts of the world and we all shared the same passion and interest for art. It was a great experience which has influenced my vision of art which I will never forget.If I had the opportunity and time I’d surely go to Carrara to live again those strong emotions.

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