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Since I have been a child, I have always dreamt of becoming a woman with a successful career. I’ve been always extremely ambitious and competitive in my life, improving my character and to learning many things. My mother says that I am a tireless girl because I can do millions of things with the same enthusiasm and commitment for each one of them . I have always been aware of the fact that this way of being involves a lot of sacrifices, but they have never frighten me. In fact I studied very hard and I graduated in engineering last year and now I’m working in many fields and I’m continuing to study hoping to reach my goal as soon as possible. I prefer being very busy than staying at home relaxing. After my university degree, I started /training in different innovative projects . In an environmental one , and also in an engineering studio to learn the first steps on how to build homes. I collaborated with a company, which carried out electrical installation tests, and I also worked as an apprentice in a company where they plan and produce big reticular structures thanks to a new patent called Vestrut node that allows assembling steel rods. And now I’m working in another company, near // Rome, as a project manager. I’m very busy and I know that this is how my life is going to be , and through these work experiences I have learnt a lot about Flexibility, Sharpness, Confidentiality , Quality. I think that business women have an extra gear than men. They have a particular adaptability to every field and every kind of task and so they are favored during the training period. An other feminine aspect that helps women in their career is the emotional intelligence that makes them have better relationships with colleagues , employees and customers. Then women have also a greater propensity to study and to communicate, so they are more educated, prepared and informed. A good organization, cooperation and understanding is necessary in order to balance work and private life. My carrier has a great importance but I can’t imagine my life without my family. In fact my family. They always support me , in my ambitions and dreams and they are the most important people in my life. For this reason I hope I will have a wonderful family as mine because after an hard day , it’s great to come back home and to receive a smile and a kiss from your children and husband. Then with the family’s love and support every problem becomes bearable . I know that when I will become a business woman I won’t have enough time to dedicate to myself and to house work but I hope that my future husband will help me out with it, otherwise I will need a baby sitter . But I would rather have my family’s help than someone I don’t know. A business woman should always wear clothes that give her a professional and competent look. She has to wear suits or skirts in simple colors, nice shirt and beautiful shoes. She has to vary importance to her physical aspect and so she has to take care to the details, such as jewels, manicured hands, tidy hair and light makeup. A business woman is usually very elegant and refined to give more power to her skills and abilities. Actually my fashion is very different from business women, because for all my life I have worn casual clothes such as jeans, t-shirts, sweatshirts and pullovers because I’m young too, but in the future I will change also my style to become a perfect business woman.

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