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I’ve been in London four times, but the first time was unforgettable. The things which I can remember about my childhood are not many, indeed my memories are tied closely to events or things which surprised me or made me happy, one of these is about my first time in London. Although I was just 9, I can remember everything! The sheeny sunshine, the traditional streets, the kind of magic that flutters in the air.
I was travelling with my family and one of the laps of my voyage was London, we walked around the city and we visited some monuments. When I’m there, I feel if I could do everything, I feel self-assured and in safety, in other words I feel I’m at home. By now I can go around London autonomously, by underground . I recognized in London the city of my dreams , I didn’t think there could be a place so enchanting as the fairy tale’s space, all the same London surprised me and when I saw it for the first, its sight dazzled me. To walk around London makes me happy, my favorite music band was born right in that wonderful capital. I feel a myriad of feelings when I’m there, but lucky they are all beautiful excitements.I love London especially because everybody can be themselves, without changing his mind owing to the people’s opinion; for example, Camden Town is a place where men and women dressed up like they want! They can wear dark, vintage, electronic clothes without people’s looks on them.In my opinion, London Is a big window that faces the world. I like this city very much because it’s very traditional, the streets have a kind of magnificent air… Appalling!London is different from other towns for its markets, little shops, workshops, strange buildings. I’ve been there for four times, as I’ve already said, because I’d like to live there but unlucky now I can’t.. so every year I go there to spend some days “at home” .

Everyday I think about my future, who will I be , what will I do , but one thing is sure : I will live in London. Since my first time there, I’ve been dreaming every single moment, I’ve been hoping to study at Oxford University and then to work for an important newspaper in London such as Time, Sun, Daily Telegraph ext. These are the reasons why I attend the British school, for my future.
It’s so strange to see a 9-year old who thinks about her future, but I was so. My parents ask me why I love England, and why I want to spend the rest of my life there and not here, I simply tell them that London is where I want to live, and that I am sorry for their projects on me but I know what I want. I had already started to dream my life there, now I’m so excited just thinking to get up with the Big Ben’s tolling or to run around the parks, to give food to squirrels in Hyde Park, to have a cup of tea at 5.00 p.m. at Harrods, or to buy some clothes in Camden Town, in other words, I’m looking forward to living there! If I had been a London girl, I’d have been the happiest girl of the world, but one day I will be.
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