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My love for animals led me to choose the problem of their abuse for my topic.This definition will be the thread of this discussion because it includes the most important aspects related to the animals protection and rights.Mass media often talk about animals, for example during the summer with the campaign against pets’ abandonment on roads that become consequently a place of accidents in which they’re victims, and, if they survive, they will be destined to stray and hunger.Time ago while I was reading an article about this problem, I decided to become a volunteer at the shelter in my city because I love animals, especially dogs and I wanted to do something for them. I think I’ll start this voluntary activity in September. Another important aspect of this issue is that man, just to follow fashion, kill millions of animals to obtain a lot of clothing from their fur. I was shocked by the article on the manufacture of furs from minks. They are close and raised in tiny cages before being killed with gas!We can find a similar situation in the usage of animals, like guinea pigs, for clinical research. Personally I don’t agree with their use, but, I’m a biologist and I know that they’re important for the research and development of new drugs not only for humans but also for animals themself. The EU intends to put an end to animal testing, replacing it with alternative methods. However, in the absence of such methods, measures to improve the situation of animals that are still used for experiments would be adopted. There are numerous regulations to be observed in a laboratory that uses animals for research. Where possible, life should be spared, anesthetic should be used and the animals kept alive should receive appropriate treatment and adequate accommodation.In Italy there are many associations that fight against the mistreatment of animals, including Enpa (Ente Nazionale per la protezione animale, National Association for the Protection of Animals), AIPA (Italian Association for the Protection of Animals), National League For The Protection Of The Dog.About a year ago a company located near Brescia who breaded beagle dogs for vivisection labs has caused o lot of objection because the dogs were kept in terrible conditions, and were brought up as guinea pigs for pharmaceutical experimentation. After many struggles and protests, Green Hill has finally been closed.Over the years the condition of the animals has improved compared to the past and I hope that in the future they can get more rights to be better protected. We must defend and protect them, because they are weaker than men.For me abuse on animals is also their “humanization”, that is when man would turn them in a person. Pet’s business world is rich and industries know that dogs and cats should be more profitable than a child. In fact we can see a lot of accessorizes, “clothes”, perfumes, and bags and stroller for dog, cat and other animals. I think it is sometimes excessive, because we often forget that dogs and cats are animals, not persons or dolls.Finally I would like to attract your attention also concerning animals’ show, like circus or parades. Sometimes we forget that a simple and funny show could be a real abuse of animal freedom and safety and I invite you to imagine a show where animals are sitting on the stands and people jumping into a fire circle… marci

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