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Nowadays one of the most dangerous problem of the society is pollution. The world is in a very critical situation because natural resources are running out, forests are disappearing, the population is growing and air and water are more polluted than ever.
There are different types of pollution, air pollution, water pollution, acoustic pollution. The most dangerous is air pollution.

Air pollution derives from the emission in the atmosphere of gas.
It’s caused by natural sources , like forest fires of volcanic emission and by human activity, like space heating, sprays or industrial smog and car’s fumes, that give the air a grey color.

There are a lot of results of air pollution:
• Acid rain, that generates the acidification of water lakes and rivers;
• Ozone hole, that allows the ultraviolet radiation from the sum to reach the earth, so we are expose to skin cancer;
• Green house effect, generated from carbon dioxide, produced when fuels are burned.
• outdoor pollution, caused by cigarettes smoke, cooker’s fumes, gas.

Every day we see that the world is going to disappeared.
The natural atmospheric changes because of the global warming, an increase in the world’s temperature caused by greenhouse effect.
So many habitats of species of animals are going to disappear and they are going to become extinct.
Also the ices are going to melts because of the global warming.

How to improve the situation
Every one must respect environment because when we pollute we kill our world, our life.
In my opinions we had to
• Reduce our consumes, don’t waste resources (water energy);
• Recycle rubbish, like paper, can, plastic, glass;
• Don’t throw away rubbish everywhere;
• Reuse scrap paper for writing notes, plastic bags from the supermarket;
• Plant more trees.
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