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Major areas in home economics

Home economics is made up of many areas. This areas can be grouped into five major areas. Each area can further be broken down into a number of sub-areas. Each area can also be taught as a Home Economics subject. All the areas are inter-related.

1) Food and nutrition: deals with study of food and nutrients. It includes food processing, preservation, food preparation, meal management and services etc.
It also prepares people for employment in foods and nutrition related jobs.

2) Clothing and textile: deals with textiles, designing and sewing of clothes. It also includes wide selection of clothes, personal hygiene and good grooming. Its prepares people for clothing and textiles related jobs.

Home management: deals with the processes of using those things which the family has, to obtain the things needed by the family. Examples of the things which the family can have are money, time, energy, household equipment. The things which the family needs include foods clothing, house etc.

4) Consumer education: teaches people how to make wise decisions when selecting or buying goods and services.

5) Housing and interior decoration: deals with provision of housing for the family. It also involves planning available space in a house selection and arrangement of pieces of furniture and other decorative pieces in the house.

6) Child development and care: deals with how children grow and develop. It also deals with how to care for children properly.

7) Family living: deals with how people live in the family. It teaches people how to maintain good relationship in the family.
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