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Historians believe that our modern world is one of the most advanced civilizations ever to exist. In recent decades, our world has made huge ground-breaking advances in areas like medicine, communication, commerce and even gastronomy. The latest medical advances have been in the area of growing body parts. Scientists believe that they have come up with a novel idea in order to replace body parts on living humans. Many people can benefit from this ultra-modern medical treatment, from people with heart problems to people suffering from diabetes, many people need to replace a body part to have a healthy and satisfying life. The area of communications has seen the freshest and most advanced ideas. The postal service is almost not necessary in recent years. Nowadays people use email, Skype, Facebook and Twitter for communication. This new technology has given ground-breaking possibilities to communication in the modern world. For example, years ago, before weather reports, people had no idea that a hurricane was coming. Nowadays, you can get up-to-the-minute news on the weather. Technology like this can save many lives and even billions of dollars. As recent as 15 years ago, people went to the bank in order to do their banking transactions; however, this is no longer necessary. Now you can get up-to-date information about your bank accounts while you are drinking your coffee in the morning. Some people are still unaccustomed to these new ways of doing things and think that it is strange to use email or do your banking on the Internet; however, even people in remote locations like Africa and the Middle East are starting to take advantage of the technology. If they have an Internet signal where they live, the world is at their door. People are often afraid of the unknown or unfamiliar and will continuing doing things the old way, at least until the new modern world forces them to change.

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