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Passion about football

I would like to talk you about my great passion: the football. I practice this sport since I was five. I have seen in the television some boys that run behind a ball and, I don’t know why, but I fell in love with this sport. For this reason, I’ve decided to subscribe me in a football club because there I would learn the techniques to begin a great footballer.

Despite I don’t belong to the world of the football, my passion is with me. In fact I play in a team that organizes tournament of championship where I have the role of attacker.
I love playing under the rain. It’s a beautiful emotion to perceive the water that slips on the body while you run on the green lawn. I love the football, so I am also a fan. My favorite team is the ‘Naples’ and its games are sacred for me.
I remember when I witness for the firs time in a live game. Have you ever witnessed in a live game of football?
The worst think that happens when you go to watch the live game is that there are often quarrels between fans. It’s a terrifying think. Fans sometimes stops yourself, bu other times the police must intervene. But I think that this is an experience to try. So, when the championship is going to start, I am going to return in that stadium to exult for my team, but without fight
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