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I thought of this topic after talking with a Mexican girl about the relationship between the Mexican and the USA people. She told me they are the “antivalues”. After I asked her why, she explained me lot of difference (about family and career) that probably are the main differences between the North and the South of the world. I presume that every kind of stereotypes or difficult relationship between populations derives from a sort of racism or historical injustice. In fact this girl showed me the racist message behind the figure of Uncle Sam: the finger was pointed for the Mexican emigrated people. In other words if they wanted remain in USA, they might have to go at war. As their live was without value I think stereotypes are a consequence of our cultural background. For example Italian people say German are bad. They are not bad, their history is bad, but a young German boy of our age isn’t bad even if his grandfather took part to the SS. The same is for the Italians. The German or North American people think that Italians are rude (in particular south Italians). Sure they had the example of the migrants and probably they were really a little bit rude for the American standards, but we have to underline that they were desperate, without money, sometimes far or without family, they were scared and they were accustomed to be commanded by others, they were not still ready to live far from their entourage.

I’m convinced we might have learnt more about habits and cultures of the world even in the school.According to me the real nature of stereotypes is the “Scare”! As many philosophers said, the natural condition of the man is living as an animal, following his instinct.
Probably stereotypes are one of the proof of our natural condition. Saying stereotypes is probably the same of saying “scared by the others”. We make stereotypes because we are scared by the habits, the lifestyle, the way of think of the others and we try to feel sure in our “perfect” context. I try to not make stereotypes but I admit that sometimes I’m scared! I’m not scared of the others or the foreign, I travel a lot and I use to learn everything I can by other cultures! In general I’m only scared of the fanatics both of the South and the North of the world, East and West. I’m scared by people who decide to introduce their culture without respecting the others. I hope that people will understand that probably stereotypes could became nice, they are part of our culture, but we all can’t be scared of the others and can’t scare the others!! I wish people would transform the world in a global community but always respecting differences! This is the most important circumstance in order to obtain a multicultural and global society! More importance should be given to the peacefully coexist of different cultures in the same country encouraging an ethnic harmony! I know your country is a multicultural one!
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