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Football is my favourite sport, I've been playing football since I was seven years old, It’s considered a national sport here in Italy like England and France and my favourite team is Inter. In the past few years, Italian Football was involved in different scandals, as some players have bribed to lose matches. For this, the national coach Cesare Prandelli decided not to call some players suspected in this scandals, for the European’s cup, which is being held in these days , because he thought it was appropriate to punish them.For me there shouldn’t be any form of corruption in sport and especially football players don't need to cheat because they already earn so much money. When I was younger I used to go to the stadium to watch football matches and all match were played correctly but now we have to watch games at home because football stadiums may be very dangerous so we risk getting injuredIf I were the coach of the national team I wouldn't convene those players involved in scandals because they don't deserve it. Leonardo Bonucci, one of the most important football players in our national team, has been investigated for the football betting.

It seems that the players have cheated in some games and betting on them in order to win lots of money. Also his coach Antonio Conte has been investigated too, and his house was searched. Other two players of the national team have been investigated: Gianluigi Buffon – one of the most famous goal keepers in the world - and Domenico Criscito, who was eventually thrown out of the team. The betting centre that has been investigated is Eurobet. Soon hopefully we will know the results of the latest scandal involving the entire Italian football system. I hope that teenagers , who nowadays are always more involved in football won’t get influenced by this corrupted system but take example from players who pray in front of millions of people after they have scored like Cavani, an Argentinean footballer who plays with NaplesAnother scandal happened in 2006 when Juventus was penalized by the removal of two league titles they had won and were relegated to Serie B a lower championship.
Milan team was also penalized by loosing twelve points. In my opinion the teams that are being investigated this year should get the same penalty that Juventus and Milan hadI think that those players who cheat are selfish and stupid because they earn lots of money, and they don’t realize that there are so many starving children in the world. A player that I really admire is my hero Drogba because every year he gives three million euros to charity for children in the Ivory Coast. He is the man to follow. If all the corrupted players could take him as a model things in sport would change in a better way and lots of poor people could get help from rich honest players.
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