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Beer - A really passion

Beer is one of the most oldest alcoholic drinks in the world. We have the first evidence of beer with the Sumerians, in fact, they used to produce. The knowledge of beer was hand down by the Greeks that taught Romans how to make it. Beer was one of the most popular drinks in the Middle Age, and it was drank by all classes of society.Today there are many types of beer. The most common ones are: ale, draught, lager, malt liquor, ale and stout. Each beer is tapped into different bottles or cans all different from each other and the type of beer is written on the label. Like many other people, I have a hobby of collecting beer bottles. I have around 30 bottles, including Budweiser, Heineken, Ceres, Guinness and many others. But to finish my collection I have a long way to go because there are plenty of beers and consequently there are lots of different bottles. I’m not sure but I think that there are more than 10.000 different bottles in the world.Glass bottles are mainly used for bottling beer.
The producers use glass to keep the aroma fresh and it also has excellent qualities for long-term storage. Today there are many companies that produce glass bottles for the beer industry. They also use recycled glass to cut down costs and to help the environment.Each beer manufacturer has a group of designers who are dedicated to create the most beautiful bottles. Heineken, on its web site, has a section where everyone can create a new and personal bottle. In this way the company gives the opportunity to young talents to express themselves by creating something which could also be produced, if it has of course the right appeal. They have also created the “CLUB”, a group of 19 international young designers that are from Italy, Japan, U.S.A, Brazil This method should be chosen by all industries to renew the aesthetics of bottles. At the moment my favourite is the Budweiser bottle. With its shape and its brown color it is one of the most classic in the world and it was my first bottle of my collection too. The Budweiser bottles are exported in every country of the world and its design is appreciated by all consumers.The reason why I love this hobby is because I like variety, and also because I like beer and when I go to pubs I return home with a souvenir! I like to discover new things and collect everything that comes from abroad. If I could travel more round the world I would collect all trendy bottles, so to have them on my shelves in my room.
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