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In this topic I’m going to talk about dancing.
Most people say that this discipline is boring and unattractive.
Well, I think they’re wrong because dancing makes you feel free, free to express your feelings or what you want to show. I’ve been dancing for ten years, I did karate before moving to another city and then I started dancing. But I have to say, that I often got hurt, in fact two years ago during a performance I broke my leg so I had to stop for a month, but now I think that if I had been more careful that accident wouldn't have happened At the moment I go dancing in a gym near my house, in the city where I currently live, sometimes my mother asks me whether I want to stay there or go to another school, but I can’t leave it because I found great teachers and great friends there, who can make me feel loved and a good dancer!

I think dancing is one of the most beautiful sports, it teaches you to be more confident with yourself in particular with your body; it takes you in a parallel world where nobody can judge you and where you feel beautiful like ever.
But as everything, also dancing has its negative aspects, for example you have to keep your body fit everyday and be careful about food you’re going to eat, in other word, be always on a diet.
Despite these negative factors, I continue to love dancing because I think my passion is so big that it makes me face anything.
Among the greatest étoile in the world, in particular I admire Polina Semionova. She is a Russian classical ballet dancer, she is one of the youngest to become étoile . She won awards in the top ballet competitions; including a gold medal at the Moscow International Ballet Competition in 2001 and In 2003, at the age of 19, Semionova performed with the English National Ballet in Swan Lake, receiving approving reviews from English critics.
The following years she performed with the Italian étoile Roberto Bolle,. We can remember their performance during the ballet ‘Dream of a Midsummer Night’ by William Shakespeare in 2009.
I like her because I think she is one of the best dancers who can express emotions with her body. When she dances she makes you feel as if you were dancing with her. She is so graceful in her movements that she seems like flying.
So dancers taught me, through their life stories, never to give up, always to believe in your dreams cause nothing is impossible.
My biggest dream is to become one of the best dancers and dance on the most famous stages of the world’s theaters, so I hope that I’ll make it one day …
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