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Brian May and his love for animals

Brian May is the Queen guitarist, one of the most important rock band in the world. A lot of people, doesn’t know that Brian is also an astrophysicist, in fact he has written 3 books where he talks about the History of Universe from the big bang to Heat Death. Brian May isn’t just that, recently he became a very important icon, who fights for animal rights, indeed he has created a campaign called “Save” where Brian tries to save the species which are likely to be extinct. First of all, he has focalized his attention on foxes, nobody or just few people are aware of the fact that foxes are going to be extinct ; but it’s quite sad to say that it’s the truth.
In 2010, Brian May founded the “Save- Me” project, a Queen song which inspired Brian for the name. This campaign was mainly against David Cameron’s program , if members of the Coservative Party were elected , they would put to the vote the repeal about Hunting Act, which made illegal hunting wild animals using dogs . Recently, David Cameron's self titled 'green' Government, intent on bringing back bloody sports including fox hunting, and hunting badgers, has just authorized around £400,000 of British tax-payers’ money also to trap buzzards. He changed his plans only when the public started protesting. This was only because of few landowners who said that buzzards were damaging their business. So the shooting industry is making a lot of money, out of people who want to kill animals for fun. The final scandal is that Cameron and his ministers are connected with these businesses, though family and friends.
The animal rights movement, “Save- Me”, rallies to the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection campaign to stop the proposal about building a place where Beagles would be raised in Yorkshire where they will end up becoming experimental animals, the farm in Grimston would breed thousands of beagles who could be tested on, both in the UK and overseas. BUAV says that beagles are often used in toxicity tests and force-fed chemicals through capsules, drugs or feeding tubes. Many become severely ill and die or are euthanized. This situation in the UK is very similar to ours , in Italy where in a place called Green Hill they breed Beagles for lab testing. In April there has been a lot of protests for closing of this terrible place, and during one of these, some members of <<Occupy Green Hill>> entered and took away many dogs, to give them their stolen freedom. Some of them were arrested luckily this action had positive results . The governor of the Lombardy region answered that it’s necessary to have a law with the UE assent to close Green Hill, at this point Mrs. Brambilla a former Italian minister, has prompted our politicians to use the law which is about the prohibition to breed dogs in Italy that will be tested on.
The common point of all these situations is the human ego-centrism, in the UK people kill animals just to have fun, in Italy dogs are tested on to prove some cosmetics, it’s appalling.
At the end, I just hope that people all over the world will understand that animals are like us, and we just can’t kill or torture them.
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