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The Need for International Trade

No single nation is completely self sufficient or able to produce everything its people want, nations have no choice than to engage in trade across international borders.Also, human and natural resources are unevenly distributed among countries. Example, Nigeria has vast oil reserves, Zambia is richly endowed with copper etc. Trade between nations has grown significantly because it concerns economic relations and economic interdependence among nations in the world. There are so many reasons why nations engage in trade Below are some of them:
Natural Resources:
As earlier stated, some nations of the world are richly endowed with abundant natural resources, while other nations who need such resources must have to buy from those that have them.
Geographical Zones
With the different geographical zones in the world, there is bound to be differences in what each zone is endowed with, because each zone has its peculiar climate. For example, the tropical zone is hot, wet and fertile in most places while the polar region is freezing cold and barren.
Population Density
Some parts of the world are more densely populated than others. The greater the population, the more need there is for food. If food supply is inadequate, it will have to depend on other countries for the balance of the food supply.
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