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Love Story

This story speak about my friend Epicac, a big computer. My wife, Pat, and I worked with Epicac. But Pat was not my wife then and that’s how found out about the real Epicac.
I was in love with Pat but she wasn’t in love with me. I did not write poems and she thought I was not romantic.
One night, I was in the office with Epicac. I turned on the computer.
‘What I can do?’ I wrote.
‘What’s the problem?’ was the reply from Epicac.
I was very surprised about this but wrote ‘My girlfriend doesn’t love me’.
‘what’s love? What’s girlfriend?’ asked Epicac.
I told him about girls, love and poems.
‘is this a poem?’ asked Epicac. Paper came out the computer with a poem on it: ‘To Pat’. The poems was fantastic. I turned off the computer and put the poem on Pat’s desk. The next day , Pat read the poem.
‘it’s so beautiful,’ she said and we kissed for the first time.
I was very happy and wanted to talk about it. I told Epicac about the kiss and he wrote a poem about it. Pat loved the poem. I then asked Epicac for some words to ask pat to Marry me.
‘What is marry?’ he asked.
I told him and he replied.
‘Good. I am ready when she is,’ said Epicac he love it!
‘but she loves me,’ I told Epicac. ‘she wants to marry me’.
‘can you write good poems?’ he asked.
‘well, no. I put my name to your poems’, I replied.
‘but she loves my poems’.
‘women can’t love machines’.
‘why not?’
At the moment Pat came in.
‘darling’ I said. ‘ my poems show my feelings for you. I want to marry you.’
‘I want to marry you, too. And I want a poem on every wedding anniversary.’
‘yes, darling’. We kissed and went out of the office.
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