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Una lettera in inglese - Esercizio esemplificativo

Hello Michael!
How are you? What will you do next week-and? Would you like to come to Rome? I heard that Bill’s brother will make 18 years and organizes a big party in a rented house located 100 m from the beach!!!The birthday is on Sunday; so if you come on Saturday morning I will accompany you to visit Rome.
I think our first stop will be the Coliseum and then we'll see, then in the afternoon we met with Bill and his brother and go to bowling and at nine o’clock we go to dinner at a restaurant.
What do you think?
Bill told me that the party will begin at 12 will continue until late evening.esempio di lettera in inglese sui progetti futuri For the gift not worry because we are collecting money to buy him a PS3. I think we will have fun at the party. ok then waiting for your response, I hope we'll see this week-and.
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