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A good book is the best of friends, today as for ever

Why it is much better have got a book than an e-book.
Between 2010 and 2015, 288 Italian “traditional” libraries closed, with an annual average of 57. This is one of the consequences of the increasing online trade of books. For this reason the small bookshop I have been working for, had HAS created the advertising campaign (which) you will see in the next page.
I hope (that) it will help people understand the importance of supporting this tiny wonderful world.

There are many different arguments to choose a real library and not a virtual one. Make a walk may help clear your ideas and if you are not so sure of your choice, booksellers are completely available to advice you. In fact, they had frequently already read have already read the books they sell in most of the cases, so if you ask them, they will give you their opinion with pleasure.

In my experience, the soft atmosphere of a small bookshop is the most enchanting thing one. That magic feeling remains at home or wherever you read with the scented rustle of the turning pages too. It’s absolutely not the same reading something on a cold flat electronic support. In the end, a good book is much more personal and lasts forever, perhaps on a shelf but you can take it again every time you want.

So, if you want the perfect experience that you will never forget, go face people and their stories! Perceive the weight of the cover and the smell of THE ink! And don’t depend on be slave of the battery of an e-reader, which could interrupt your adventure ANY TIME: Be free on deciding when to stop the reading, but always do it!
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