“Making good product is important. So using them responsibly”

Nowadays there are many new materials but the most utilized are the usual. Plastic is one of the “old” material that is always used. As it is written in the text, plastic is one of the most practical material for many uses. You can find it in every kind of thing; you can only think that in a house, the 50% of the things present are made of plastic or contains a percentage of it. Plastic is also difficult to recycle, difficult but not impossible. With a little bit of care it is possible to creat greate things without ruin the enviroment. Plastic containers in general are not biodegradable and so many times we find them in gardens, woods, beaches. Often nobody take care of these containers scattered in the enviroment, but these are very dangerous for it. A way to prevent that the enviroment feels the danger of the plastic pollution is to explane to the people how to use plastic. That is to say, to explain them the dangers of this in the enviroment, where to throw it, how is possible to re-utilize it, etc. Only with information we can give a sense of responsibility to the people and safeguard our world. Fortunately plastic is not the only material utilized and many other materials “eco-friendly” exist. Not all the people are clever enough to know the danger of the rubbish in the enviroment and it is because of them if our nature feels not protected. I think that having a world cleaner is possible, with a little bit of a care and patience. We can continue to produce all the containers we still use, but the important is knowing how to behave with them.

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