ARTICLE – The funniest thing I have ever seen

Throughout my life I have lived many funny and hilarious moments. I also met many nice and funny people, which have enabled the creation of very ridiculous atmospheres. In particular, some years ago I saw an extremely funny musical: The book of Mormon.
The story is a religious satire, time to joke about church organizations. “The Book of Mormon” tells the story of two young Mormon missionaries sent to a remote village in northern Uganda, where a brutal warlord threatens local populations. Naive and optimistic, the two try to spread the teachings of the Book of Mormon, but they have serious difficulties to integrate with the local population, too scared by hunger and poverty.
I've seen this musical three years ago on Broadway, with some classmates when we went on holiday in New York. We laughed until we get out the tears from the eyes. Even if the ticket has cost many dollars, I certainly would repeat the experience.
I found the musical so much fun for the elegance and intelligence of the jokes; I am a lover of satire and I found this experience wonderful.
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