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Is war ever justified?

"There is nothing as bad as war [...] They do it for nothing. For stupidity." says Hemingway through Passini's words in his novel "A farewell to Arms". Despite its maybe quite extremist and a little generalized slant, as far as I am concerned this sentence expresses everything that needs to be said about war.
Nevertheless, this is the means by which mankind has chosen to deal with different kinds of issues in its history. For some reason, violence and aggressiveness are typical of human nature. Be it a declared conflict between nations, a civil war or an independence war, violence always seems to many the most efficient Aas well as the easiest) way to achieve their aims.

Anyway, it is essential to keep in mind that now and again some people managed to impose their peaceful manners and still "win their battles".
Also, international organisations constantly preach diplomacy as an alternative to violent conflicts. In general, we can see the efficiency of their work in great accomplishments such as for example the foundation of the EU and its consequent long-lasting peace. However, let us not forget that these same authorities possess their own armies, which unfortunately is a further confirmation of the fact that armed conflicts are not going to disappear any time soon.

Concluding, I myself cannot find any possible reason to justify wars, especially in the contemporary society. Man has evolved and now has enough proofs showing that there are in fact alternatives to violence.
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