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Foreign language instruction should begin in kindergarten

In today’s society, characterized by globalization and an ever increasing number of multi-ethnic cities, some people think that foreign language instruction should be taught to children starting from kindergarten; others disagree because of the young age. I will discuss both points of view and express my own opinion.

On the one hand, foreign language teaching in kindergarten can cause confusion in children. In fact, at this age, they barely express themselves in their mother tongue because they have many difficulties in pronouncing the most complicated letters. In addition, children may be really confused and disoriented by the new language that they are forced to learn and the possible negative consequence can be the risk of an incomplete learning of both languages, the foreign and the own one.
On the other hand, young children are able to learn a language easier and quicker than adults so it would be a good possibility for them to start the learning in kindergarten. Moreover, the foreign language can be thought through games and simple activities, rapidly and pleasantly.
In conclusion, as the ability to speak a foreign language is considered fundamental in our society, I think that its instruction should begin from kindergarten because children are able to learn and memorize things easily.
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