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Changing seasons

In the last few years seasons have been changing ever so slightly. Summers are ever shorter. I remember few years ago summer would hit at least as early as June. The last days of school were hard to endure, in the heat and with sunny beautiful days that made you just wanted to be outdoors, and the same was true for the first days of school in September. Instead, last year June was still characterized by a lot of rain and only in July summer really arrived, only to last to the end of August. This summer has been truly awful with a lot of rain and overcast days which left some space to sunny hot days only sporadically. We went on holiday in the mountains at the end of July – beginning of August and we had only a couple of sunny days, no joke. At the same time, winters are becoming longer, and colder. Here in Bologna, it has been snowing a lot and up to February, if not even March. I remember some evenings when the thermometer would drop to minus 13 degree. Terrific. And wasn’t it a couple of years ago that it snowed almost a meter of snow along the Adriatic coast, and also as south as Sicily? I don’t know if the seasons are changing, maybe it is because of the global warming and the carbon dioxide increased concentration in the atmosphere, or maybe it is just due to normal year round variations. Only time will tell.
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