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We often don't realize how lucky we are.
Thanking God, we live in a country where there is no war, there is peace, we have the freedom to tell what we think.
Have you ever thought about countries where there is no peace, there is the dictatorship, or, worse and worse there are both of them?
How many times do Italian people complain because they think that Politic people suck?
We sometimes should think about these countries, where a wrong word is enough to be killed.

Think about Saudi Arabia, where women have to keep their face covered and they can't drive cars.
According to me, that is not right, everybody is a human being, there shouldn't be these kind of injustices!
There must not be distinctions, people must not be judged because of the colour of their skin, people mustn't die in ovens because they are Jewish! Being different is a treasure!
Meeting somebody coming from the other part of the world is a gift of the Lord.
Our mind opens to the world and we always learn something because of other people.
What would happen if we weren't different? We will never know the pleasure of learning a new thing.
Everybody must be free to live and to do what he wants, until what he does doesn't damage another person!
Everybody must be free to tell what he thinks, and only doing that, we will be able to live in a better world.
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