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The effects of vigorous physical activity are numerous, the benefits from this activity may be different, sports can also help us to live better. Sport is also important to prevent cardiovascular diseases and also to strengthen our bodies and our bones. Millions of people in the word are involved in sport and also every country has a national sport.There are several types of sports, many of which use animals, an example is horse-riding in which the movements of the jockey and the horse are coordinate to the maximum. Other sports are done in water such as swimming, or other in which psychological stress is more than physical one like Formula 1 races in which pilots drive at high speeds and this is a sport that fascinates me the most. One of the major sporting events where many sports are involved are the Olympic games. They have originated in ancient Greece and since then they have been held every 4 years stopping only for the World Wars. Disciplines are various these are the pentathlon, triathlon, swimming, boxing and many others and also some team sport like basketball, football and volley. This year the Olympic Games will be held in London and the English capital for this event has prepared with the construction of a new stadium and all the streets have been decorated. In my city there are many areas where you can practice sport in fact, there are open spaces where at every time of the day you can find people running to keep fit. When I was a child I used to go with my dad in this areas to run but it was very tiring. People to keep fit attend the gyms and in fact in Rome in recent years the number of gyms has increased. My favorite sport is football. I play football with my friends twice a week and this is my favorite hobby I play in a team and I’ve taken part in many tournaments and I have also won a cup. I’m a forward of my team and I score many goals it is fantastic when I score a goal all my friends run towards me to celebrate.If I had time I would go to Turin because my favorite football team is Juventus. It would be fantastic to meet my favourite players and stay with them. I hope to see a Juventus match in the new stadium soon.

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