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The buyer writes a letter of order.
Letter of order

A letter of order, usually contains all the details about the items he wants to buy.
Details about: items, catalogue nr., price (for each item), quantity and the total price.

In a letter of order are also stated the means of payment, the means of transport (time times of delivery of items), the insurance, the packaging and particular marks.

The order is the key part of the business transaction. Once customers are happy with the offer or quotation they have received, they will place an order. The order will usually contain the following details:
• Article (colour, size, model, pattern);
• Quantity;
• Details of transport, insurance, delivery and payment;
• Packing and marking requirements;
• Documents required.

The order can be placed either by a letter or a fax or an e-mail containing all the details of the order, or a preprinted order form accompanied by a covering letter. It can also be placed via the Internet by following the instructions on the company’s website.
Sometimes, customers place a condition order – that is unless all the conditions are met, the order is not valid.
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