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I follow lots of different sports, and I love practicing sports too. When I was child I used to go with my dad jogging but it was very tiring, so I gave up, and I started playing football with my friends, which has now become my favorite sport. I play football with my friends twice a week . I regret to say that if I had more time I would play even three or four times but I’m really buys because of school. My favorite football team is Juventus and it is considered one of the best in Europe, but unfortunately last year something really disappointing happened, it was about illegal betting which involved a lots of Italian football teams. It seems that money is never enough in the football world. Players get millions of Euros per year, Cristiano Ronaldo gets for example almost 10, and it is never enough. They betray their fans, supporters, team mates by accepting bribes in order to create voluntary mistakes during the matches so that the other team wins. I think that all those who have been found guilty should be banned from playing. In recent years, the amount of money invested in football has increased also because of Sheikhs Mansour club owner of Manchester City who in the last season he has spent more than 100 million Euros to buy new players. In my opinion it’s a waste, if I were a millionaire I would rather use my money to build new schools, hospitals and infrastructures in the poorest countries or even to fund cancer research. Another sport in which there is the waste of money is the Formula 1 races because pilots drive fast car and the upkeep of these cars are extremely expensive, and once again pilots like Michael Schumacher get tens of millions of Euros per annum. I think that all this money could be used to help the ones who really are in need. This is the year in which the Olympic games are held in London. There is a big change from the past in fact the English capital for this event has prepared a new stadium and has spent a lot of money in building homes for the athletes, new sport centers and implementing the already existing ones. With this I do not say that sport is just a waste of money or it’s just corruption even because it is one my favorite things in life, as a mater of fact, the sports industry provides lots of jobs, for example there are hundreds of people in the Formula 1 business starting from the teams then the engineers, technicians even if all these are not always mentioned because obviously only the champions emerge. As well as for Formula 1 also football and other sports provide lots of jobs associated with the merchandising , the building of stadiums, maintenance and so on. I strongly believe that things should change , athletes for example should start donating a part of their salaries to the poorest or simply reducing exorbitant salaries could be a start.
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