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The word “ Marketing”, involves different activities:
1) Finding out the costumers’ needs;
2) Creating the right products;
3) Promoting the products
A marketing team must consider the four Ps:
Product, Place, Price and Promotion
In tourism the term “Product”, refers to:

• A package tour
• An indipendent holiday
• A cruise
• Transport
• Accomodation

When deciding the price of a product a company should consider different aspects: fixed and variable costs, commissions for agents, discounts, and the profit margin, the difference between high and low season.

The location refers to the holiday destination. A travel company should consider trend in tourism, political, economic and natural evants, exchange rate fluctuations. A travel agency has better opportunities if it is centrally located.

The promotion aims at two different groups: Other organisations in the tourism industry and costumers. Promotion is made through media advertising.

The fifth P stands for personnel or people. The level of skills and experience of personnel can improve the services of a travel company.

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