Soluzioni Inglese Maturità 2016: Seconda Prova Liceo Linguistico

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"Soluzione di inglese per le tracce della seconda prova di maturità 2015"

La seconda prova di Inglese 2016 per il liceo linguistico è arrivata per i maturandi del 2016 il 23 giugno. pubblica le tracce e le soluzioni della maturità di seconda prova solo dopo i termini di orario stabiliti per legge. Ma anche per la seconda prova maturità 2016 i tutor sono a lavoro perché, una volta usciti da scuola, i ragazzi possano confrontare il proprio compito con le soluzioni fornite dai nostri esperti.
Non vi rimane che rimanere connessi su per conoscere le soluzioni seconda prova maturità 2016 inglese.
Nel frattempo, per scoprire cosa vi aspetta, ecco la soluzione della seconda prova di Inglese per la maturità 2015 del Liceo linguistico - inglese.

A Nottingham una donna combatte la povertà con il social eating. Ai candidati viene proposto un articolo del The Guardian


1) Annie is a woman who is taking a coffee from a coffee machine, and she is looking the rain outside in the parking lot, where a man is trying to make his children get into the car.
2) She is in a hospital and she is taking care of her daughter.
3) Grace has probably had an accident and she has lost one of her legs. Now she is in coma.
4) Grace has been in coma for eleven days.
5) Parents and relatives are encouraged to get involved with the patient and to help him/her keeping his/her body fit even during the coma.
6) Annie can’t stand to look at Grace’s stump.
7) Grace would choose rock music such as Nirvana or Alice in Chains, but Annie is afraid of the effect that such a music could have on Grace’s brain.
8) Annie perceives something very similar to pity.
9) Annie starts moving Grace’s fingers, and then gently manipulates the wrist following the rhythm of the music coming from Grace’s headphones.
10) Annie surely loves her daughter very much. All the hospital staff knows her, and that means that she is spending most of her time close to her daughter. She also deals with the “workout session”.


When I was eleven, my grandmother was diagnosed with cancer. She was nearly 80 years old but she appeared to be fit, and healthy. Nobody of our family expected something like this.

First, there was the reaction. Due to the fact that my grandmother seemed to show no symptoms, we were all very quiet. We thought we could challenge the illness and that we were strong enough to win it.
After some time, hospital exams began, and so we were forced to give up jobs and school in order to help my grandmother. Going inside and outside the hospital became our everyday life, and in this way we started thinking about that illness more seriously. Seeing other patients laying in the hospital’s rooms, their relatives crying for them… everything was just getting so real. We started feeling anxious, and afraid, because we weren’t sure to win the fight against cancer anymore. My grandmother was getting worse every day, she barely ate and her skin was fading into an unhealthy yellow colour. All these evident symptoms scared us and made us more conscious of the situation we were dealing it.
We began forecasting the worst. We could scarcely sleep because every night we expected a call from the hospital, and days were full with stress, pain, worry and anxiety. Nobody of the family wanted to let my grandmother go, but we couldn’t even stand to see her suffer so much. Those days before her death have been the worst of our lives.
In the end, that terrible call arrived, just in the middle of the night. We knew what had happened as soon as we heard the telephone rang.


In linea con l'evento EXPO 2015, la traccia d'attualità d'inglese riguarda il cibo: una panoramica di un sistema chiamato "food bank", che si occupa di rilevare il cibo in surplus dei supermercati e di ridistribuirlo ai più bisognosi. E' un sistema con un impatto prima di tutto sociale, ma anche in termini di salute e ambiente; come ogni sistema, però, ha i suoi difetti e ha bisogno di essere migliorato, ed è di questo che si occupa Marsha Smith, la protagonista di questa traccia.

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