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William Butler Yeats

Symbolism of Yeats’ characterize his poem. Something visionary to evoke precise emotions. Image of his secret Joyce represents secret life, experience of modern people. The intention is reveal what a secret life was. Falcon is an image used by Yeats, rapacity, violence, out of control. Swan: a free spirit, grace, duty. Philosophical interpretation, house what history is. Dark forces by tower of a castle. Ireland hunted by its past. Dancer: a female dancer of joyous knowledge, aesthetic knowledge of philosophy. According to him European history was a s two cones, one cone into the other. History passage from subjectivity to objectivity represented by the two cones and their movement is a spiritual one. This movement is what history is. One cone is getting larger and larger the other little and little. They are following different direction. These cones represented subjectivity and objectivity. Subjectivity dominate objectivity. People are lost in otherness; people think others, concentrated on the other. Subjectivity from others to himself. Great personality dominate during subjectivity. In an objectivity period there’s otherness, there are not great personalities. Look like is neighbor. Time of Christ is period of objectivity. There’s a leader but you have to consider his position because he is at the same level of the other. Investigate what history is, is the intention of Yeats. In a chaotic period you can’t decide if is an objective or a negative one. Modern age is a chaotic period.
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