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"The Missing"

"The Missing" is a psychological thriller written by the English author Carol Louise Taylor. The book was published in 2016.
The book "The missing" combines the traditional elements of the genre with an effective, incisive, detailed writing that is both interesting and immediate.
To traditional graphic characters, in some chapters, emoticons appear, more and more useful and quick, more used and communicative, in the dialogues of everyday life, in our chats as in those of the characters of the novels that we read. Excellent technique to create that state of identification between the life of the reader and that of the character, in the intertwining of our life as in the plot of the novel.
The book deals with the mysterious disappearance of a boy. However, behind the mysterious disappearance of a boy, there is an innumerable set of secrets to unveil, to bring to light a chilling truth.
In particular, the reader follows through the author's words the protagonist, Claire Wilkinson, in her desperate search for her fifteen-year-old son, Billy.
Slowly, moreover, the author allows us to learn about the adolescent, through his secrets or the nuances of his character, as they emerge from the fragments of his chats, is something particularly useful and effective to make interesting and compelling the unraveling of the events. The reader remains linked to the succession of pages, waiting to find the young Billy.
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