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"Chasing the Dead"

"Chasing the Dead" is a thriller written by the English author Tim Weaver.
David Raker is a former journalist who is trying to collect and put together the pieces of his life to move forward and overcome the loss of his beloved Derryn, brought to him by an incurable disease.
When a wife colleague knocks on his door to instruct him to find out the truth about the death of his son, mysteriously disappeared five years earlier in a car accident, David does not know what to answer, but something, or rather someone, tells him it would work suitable for him, used in the past to investigate to discover hidden and hidden truths for the most varied reasons; but what our protagonist does not know, is that Alex's disappearance is not the whim of a son suddenly fed up with everyday life, but it is the tip of an iceberg, a pebble in the shoe that has become, for someone, particularly annoying .
The protagonist is a character outside the box: a man ready to sacrifice his daily routine to throw himself into a melee full of twists, ready to no longer recognize himself in the mirror and drastically change his outlook on life in order to discover the simple and hard reality; page after page, character after character, the reader will be intent on surviving a cruel and senseless ordeal, will discover hidden and hidden truths for years, turns of people and absurd things, devoted to the search for a redemption that often translates as insolence towards their own life and that of others.
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