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"No Return"

"No Return" is a thriller that was written by the English author Tim Weaver.
It is another exciting case for David Raker, an incursion into the mists that envelop the land of the disappeared.
People who disappear always arouse the feeling of something that remains pending and it is from this starting point that the tension of the thrillers with David Raker as the protagonist unfolds.
Once again he is in search of the truth, hunting for those who can not really have been swallowed by nothing. And it is starting from nothing that David, animated by an ever present personal pain, begins to look for the clues, the secrets, the motivations behind every disappearance.
The scene that appears in the eyes of Emily Kane, when she enters her sister Carrie's apartment, immediately puts her in alarm. Something is wrong: there are signs of a struggle. Furthermore, there is no trace of woman. Her husband and two daughters mysteriously disappeared along with her. An entire family canceled, as if it had never existed.
The months after the damn night see the investigation arrive at a dead end. The inability of the local police to cool the track, and Emily is left to rely on the ability of the detective David Raker, her ex-boyfriend, specializing in cases of missing persons.
Reinvigorated by the prospect of a goal, after an investigation that brought him face to face with death, David is ready, as in every novel that sees him protagonist, to get back into play. From the Cornish cliffs to the casinos in Las Vegas, the unfolding of a new investigative thread will follow, imperfect but extremely tending towards a truth that someone is trying in every way to cover up.
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