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"Vanished" is a thriller that was written by the English author Tim Weaver.
The novel is the third book in the series focused on David Raker.
Also in this novel, the author proposes a perfect plot, where each character is well defined from the psychological point of view.
Perhaps it is the psychological introspection that emerges during the flowing narrative, along with the intricate and complex events that lead to Tim Weaver's novel.
If from a psychological point of view David Raker is a bit 'changed, evolving halfway between Will Robbie and Jack Reacher, is still brilliant and innovative because he always manages to ask the right question and find the answer before the police.
Raker is a man who can not say goodbye to his painful past because of the ever present absence of his beloved dead wife. Raker stopped being a freelance journalist, to become a talented detective detective. He is very good at his job. It is the man who can not give himself a limit. It is the man who manages to reconstruct the lives of people who voluntarily decide to disappear or who mysteriously disappear.
To disappear this time is Sam Wren who, in a morning like many others, leaves home to go to work, get on the subway and then suddenly disappears. To contact David Raker is Mrs. Wren, anguished at the disappearance of her husband.
Raker's track, however, leads straight in the direction of his old acquaintance, not always appreciated, the police officer Healy, and immediately the reader perceives that they will have to come back to collide, but also to collaborate in the investigation.
Tim Weaver wrote, for his passionate readers, another perfect criminal thriller, promoted with flying colors.
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