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"The Dead Tracks"

"The Dead Tracks" is a thriller written by the English author Tim Weaver. In particular, this novel is the second book in the series featuring David Raker as a protanist.
There is something obscure that hides in that forest on the edge of the city. Disquieting disappearances that are rooted in a past of horror and death, voluntarily buried by the police. And when the young Megan disappears into the void of the family, all that remains is to rely on the investigator David Raker.
And he is the character that has deeply impressed me. Human, true, a man who gropes in the darkness of his own suffering for the loss of his beloved wife. A man who, despite being imprisoned in his armor of anger, succeeds in creeping into the conscience of others, understanding the pain and discovering the secret that lies behind every look to investigate the depths of apparently perfect lives. So when Megan's parents ask him for help, he is there, ready to endanger himself while chasing the tracks of other girls who disappeared into thin air. Swallowed by the darkness of that place where the chilling shadow of a serial killer hovers.
With an intense and involving prose, Weaver builds a novel in which the suspense reveals itself slowly and then becomes more and more pressing. The strong point is definitely the psychology of the characters and the emotions that the writing manages to transmit from the first pages.
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