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Stevenson, Robert Louis - The strange case of Dottor Jekyll and Mister Hyde scaricato 1 volte

Robert Louis Stevenson

The strange case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

The search of Hyde

Case because it’s a detective investigation. He wants to text what he created and he hesitated before. Man has another nature, he has an alter ego. A long description of the transformation. Mr. Hyde has not pleasure. This explain what the revolutionary theory of Darwin is. Jekyll is better than Hyde because Hyde is ugly. Hyde is not totally innocent. Hyde’s body has a deformity that no one could describe and this make him interesting.
Hyde is unable to respect the social role. Freedom is the representation of what everyone wants because there’s oppression. Mr. Hyde is an evil. The doctor decides to kill himself, return to Jekyll is impossible. You cannot reconquer you natural state. The two nature continue to live but drug makes little Jekyll so Hyde was physically bigger.

Story of the door

There’s a reserved man Mr. Utterson which is different from Dr. Jekyll because while Dr. Jekyll risks life Mr. Utterson is not able to do this. Mr. Utterson is the typical Victorian man. For him respectability is important. Jekyll wants to experience pleasure while for Utterson is not respectable to do this experience. The job of Utterson is respectable. He is in the respectable middle class.
Utterson is devoted to his job; going to the theatre is a waste of time, only work is important for a Victorian man. Mr. Utterson is able to help but he was characterize by a strong individualism. He is a model for the other and this makes him different from everyone else. He is a member of the upper class. His friends are as him. Him with his friends seemed very very sad. Relaxing activity, as walk, but they were silent. A kind of pleasure but not so much pleasure.
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