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Robinson Crusue – breve riassunto

The advenures of Robinson Crusoe was written in 1719 by Daniel Defoe and it's an advenure novel.
The protagnonist of the story was exactly Robinson Crusoe, a british man who wanted to leave the english country to go in Brazil to become a land owner. One day he decided to to leave by the see and he went to Africa looking for people which could work for him.. The first travel he made was ok, he came back safe but during the second travel something happened: he was shipwrecked on a desert island and he found himself alla alone. The other people which were with him died.
We can understand many things about Robinson Crusoe, for example that he was a very smart man. Even with this hard situation he started to build a hat in order to sleep in a safer place and he started to save sheeps. One day, while he was making a tour of the island, he saw am particular scene: a man was about to be eaten by the cannibals. He suddenly screamed so the cannibals run away because they were afraid. The man he rescued was found on a friday so Robinson Crusoe decided to call him “Friday”. They became friends and the spent a lot of time together.
Robinson Crusoe was a methodic man and, even if he was on a desert island, he kept time making cuts on trees to understan how long he was there. After 28 years they were found on the island becuase a ship found them and they were brought back to England together.
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