He was born to Edinburg, he had a particular life because since when he was child he was forced to live in the house because of his scarce health, in fact he was affected by tuberculosis. He had to live many years in his bed. When he was better, he traveled a lot because he wanted to find a best climate for his health. He was forced to study engineering and to take the degree in law, but he wasn’t interested in these subjects and then decided to write novels.
He married an American woman, with her he traveled a lot and thanks to these trips he describes in the novels the landscapes of the places that he visited, becoming the most important part of his works.
His masterpiece was: Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hide. The work has origin in a dream. He was affected by tuberculosis and a lot of times during the nights he couldn’t sleep in fact he suffered of lack of sleep and melancholy and him he dreamt of a man in his laboratory which swallowed a drug or a poisonous substance with which it turned him into a different being. Many jobs in the same period were written using the belonging elements to the victorian period and compromise. This double effect of the double personality of the character represents the double aspect of the people in the Victorian period and also of same Victoria which had a double life between a context of sexual repression and respectability.
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