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Treasure Island

Treasure Island by Stevenson was published in 1883.
The focus of the story is external, and the narrator is internal (because it is the protagonist), however, the narrative goes to Dr. Livesey for two chapters.
The main themes of the story are the search for adventure, courage and avarice.

Treasure island is the story of a boy called Jim who crosses his adventures with the pirates, looking for a legendary treasure. Everything begins when an old captain enters the "Admiral Benbow" inn and decided that this would be his new home.

The counterpart of the violent, brutal and so vital rabble is offered by the bourgeois and the "statesmen" Trelawney, Livesey and Smollett. Smollett, Captain wise and gruff, the state is constituted, the social rules that, though they may not like it, have to be respected for the good of all, well that will never be understood by the pirate who, by definition, is incapable of consider the common good. Instead, Trelawney is the one that has substance to the law: he is his violent arm, the one who touches do the dirty work: to eliminate, kill (but not murder) pirates. When the company recognizes an external body, a physical body, pulsating, vital but that does not fit like a glove in the way it operates, must delete it and this should be done in the best possible way, possibly without bloodshed. Dr. Livesey, in the end, is the positive social element, which produces the common good even when it is contrary to his self-interest: he treats pirates because he thinks is right, regardless of the fact that if he were hurt, none of pirates would help him. Not only that, Livesey knows that help the pirates is bad for them, because they will be better off when there will be little grateful. But it does the same, because society tends to recognize a value to the human being, regardless of the status of specific interest. The company is a humanitarian, a man is not humane. The dual essence of human life, in its perpetual state of conflict between social order and natural disorder, including violence, love of blood and the law, and love of order, is represented at Long John Silver, the most ambiguous between for

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