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"The Wise Man's Fear"

"The Wise Man's Fear" is a novel written by the American author Patrick Rothfuss; it was published in 2011.
The narrative is divided into four parts, which correspond to four adventurous experiences lived by Kvothe: at the Academy, at Vintas, in the Eld and in Ademre.
To start we find Kvothe where we left off: his education and his research continue, his success at the Eolian is as steadfast as ever, his faithful friends, the increasingly insidious enemies and Denna increasingly elusive; the boyish candor of Auri comforts him, the clumsy and sympathetic sympathy of Sim makes him rejoice and Wil confirms to be his talking cricket; magister Elodin turns out to be crazier than before, Ambrose more daring in his attempts to harm and You must be more terrible than expected. All the characters make the story shine differently but it is Kvothe that shapes everything through his way of acting and facing each event.
This thread leads us to the second stage of the journey: Vintas, a rich and refined kingdom, where Kvothe will be a guest of the Maer, a very important character for the plot: under his service Kvothe will know for the first time the luxury and the richness, but with them, as always, will come intrigues and enigmas; will learn to juggle the network of gossip and choose his allies, but he will do it his way: his music and his wit will be the mask to wear to foil attempts to murder well hidden, to conquer noble hearts and to melt the tangle of the mysteries around Denna, his muse.
Success in these enterprises will lead him to the third stage: the Eld, a place full of forests and woods, in which there is a great threat, which Kvothe is called to suffocate; but he will not be alone this time, because he will be joined by four characters, who together with him will form a quintet as improbable as it is valid and efficient. One of them, Tempi, will be worth all the efforts, the wounds and the fears that await him. Between him and Kvothe a friendship will be established at the beginning bizarre and embarrassing, but which over time will become steady like steel.
For the duration of the first book and part of the second, the author has been very skilled in leaving many small clues and names thrown between the lines in an apparently casual way, just to whet our curiosity: one of these is Ferulian. Remember that because the part related to this mysterious and ethereal character will be one of the most beautiful of the whole story and will contribute to increase the fame of the newborn Kvothe legend.
His link with Tempi brings us to the last square of the chessboard: Ademre, the home of red-dressed mercenaries. He will learn to fight, to reflect, to overcome his fears and to capture the wind; his name will become flame, thunder and broken tree; his legend will take shape.
He will return to the Academy, at the end of his daring itinerary, tempered by experience: stronger, safer, more aware of his own value and potential, with a vivid flame in the soul that reverberates in his eyes colored leaves. The mysteries will not be revealed, the threats will not be cut off, the final throws on the heart a shadow that is difficult to dispel, but for this and even more, Kvothe promises to leave an impression that will ask to be followed for a long time , in order to discover the resolution of all riddles and to keep his story forever as if it were a treasure in an impenetrable trunk.
The story is quick, the pace is fast, the characters beautifully structured; despite having noticed features resembling Harry Potter (the Academy and Hogwarts), with The Lord of the Rings (the traveling path and the part related to the rings) and The Sword of Truth (the mord-sith and the mercenaries) the book is original, never banal, never granted. We find ourselves laughing, crying, hoping, cursing, cheering and despairing.
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