The novel is set in the desolate Yorkshire and revolves around two houses W.H and T.G. respectively inhabited by the Earnshaws and the Lintons. At the beginning of the story, Mr Lookwood, the tenant of T.G., stay at W.H with his landlord because of a snowstorm. During the night, he has a strange dream about Catherine, a girl near the window who asked to be let in after 20 years in the moors. The next day, Mr Lookwood returns to T.G. and the housekeeper, Nelly Dean, tells him a story in wich Catherine is the protagonist. In fact, his father, Mr Earnshaw, one day came back from Liverpool with a foundling called Heatcliff. With him, Catherine roamed the moors and they promised they an eternal love. So one day, Catherine was bitten by a Linton's dog and was forced to stay five weeks at T.G. During this period, she know Edgar and his refined way of life. Few years later Catherine accepted his proposal and she told Nelly Dean she would not marry Heatcliff because it was socially inferior but he listened the conversation and he escapes. Three years later he returned to take his revenge, in fact he won the possession of W.H. gambling with Hindley, the brother of Catherine, and he married Edgar's sister and treated her like a servant. After the Catherine's death, Heatcliff kidnapped her daughter Cathy and obliged her to marry his son Linton. Nelly's narrative ends here.

Lookwood leaves Yorkshire but a years later he returns and he finds that Catherine and Heatcliff are died and Cathy and Hindley's son Hareton are married but Nelly tells Lookwood that there are rumors and the figures of a young man and woman in the moors.

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