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The Gothic Novel: what is it?

The gothic novel developed in the 18 century like the product of social inequity. The concept of Sublime also influenced the Gothic novel through the work of Edmund Burke, the terror is Sublime. The most constant features of Gothic novels were: great importance given to terrifying description, ancient setting, use of supernatural being, very complicated plot and a sense of mystery pervading everything.
Besides the most important incident in Gothic novel take place during the night because darkness is a powerful element used to create an atmosphere of gloom.
There is a link with the medieval novels: the protagonists want to go over the human limits to control the nature. The Gothic novelists aimed aim to shock the reader.

Frankenstein - Mary Shelley

Frankenstein is a clear example of an overreacher. This novel is told by different narrators: Walton informs his sister, Frankenstein informs Walton, the monster informs Frankenstein. Thus the entire novel presents three different points of view. The form of this novel is epistolary. The most important theme of the novel is the overreacher, in the characters of Walton and Frankenstein.
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