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The sentimental novel

The novel was also influenced by the 18th-century vogue of sentimentalism.Many novelists chose sentimental stories as their themes and a type of writing that caused intense emotional reaction.The masterpiece in this tradiction is "A sentimental Journey" by Sterne,which is half diary and half a sentimentalized autobiography.D
uring his journey the protagonist,Yorick,is moved not by the great sights of antiquity,but by touching episodes such a us a French peasant crying for his dead ass.Everywhere,for Sterne,the sentiment are the same and also the people.Today ,Sterne in especially known for his masterpiece "Tristam Shandy".It is a long novel,unusual novel,with practically no plot or no time scheme for make funny the readers.It is narrateted to Tristam Shandy himself, who describes his family's everyday life and eccentricities though an endless sequence of digressions,asides,long quotations,flashbacks.He show us that not only big accident but also small things change our life.For its absence of conventional plot and time scheme ,Tristam Shandy looks ahead to the modernist novels of James Joyce and Virginia Woolf in the early 20th-century.
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