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Knut Pedersen was born August 4, 1859 in Lom, in the valley of Gudbrandsdal, in the middle of Norway, the fourth son of the humble tailor To and his wife Tora Olsdatter Garmostraet. Economic difficulties lead to three years later, to move his family in northern Norway, at a relative who has bought a small estate to Hamsund. Here Knut spent his childhood years by binding of a visceral love to those enchanting scenery and the silence of that colorful and austere nature, the delicacy of that world fairytale.At the age of nine years and always for the economic difficulties of the family, Knut is entrusted to a wealthy uncle and bigoted who provides for his studies. When, in 1873, finishes school, he began to wander for Norway settling for odd jobs among the most varied, from committed all'ambulante, the shoemaker to the stevedore and, when he can, gives private lessons to kids. At the same time cultivate a literary vein that even as a child had occurred and, in 1877, he published his first publication entitled "The enigmatic - Nordland Romance". The following year, when printing of the poem "A New Encounter" and "Bjørger" story, a typo publisher makes his last name becomes Hanmsun (it was in fact signed Knut Pedersen Hamsund) and he enjoyed it more that bothered, she decides to hire Hamsun as stage name and so will continue to sign all his works.

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