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The success, not the smiles, and is forced to pull a living while continuing to perform manual labor even when he moved unnecessarily in America. In 1888 leaves the United States and settled in Denmark, in Copenhagen, where he finds tranquility and concentration enabling him to put his hand to the autobiographical novel "Fame": two years after the work is finished and given to the press, and for thirty-one Knut Hamsun comes a great success managing to win over the audience with masterful opposition, cynicism of progress and civilization, of a proud exaltation of spirit and human feeling. It is in this contrast the revolutionary nature and anarchist traits that characterizes his literary style and life. In 1892 he published "Mysteries", a work steeped in Nietzschean influences and, two years later, "Pan", the novel of the wild, inscrutable, fatal, known in childhood. In 1898 married Bergljot Goepfert, a twenty-five year-old girl, a widow, and publishes "Victoria", the troubled love affair unified under the banner of the inner movements, without any constraints from the outside world. But relations with his wife deteriorate soon, and Knut Hamsun takes life wandering pressed by the need to find evidence of its ever off hunger for idealism and poetry. It goes to Sweden, Finland, Russia, the Middle East, and then again in Denmark to return, along with his wife, to Hamsund, in 1900, with his parents. Two years later he falls in southern Norway and composed an ode in honor of the great Bjornstjerne Biornson that since the early years has been his guiding light and he has loved and loves. In 1906 he finishes his first marriage and three years later, convola again marriage to Maria Andersen.

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