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Ian McEwan

Novelist and playwright, he is always concerned with the exploration of the mind, particularly with the morbid obsessions of people, their actions and feelings in moments crisis. He hates the horror of war, and feels the necessity of co-operation and mutual comprehension among people. Ian McEwan was born in 1948 in Aldershot, a small garrison town in Surrey. His father was a soldier who was posted first to Singapore then to North Africa, where Ian consequently spent his childhood. He went back to England to attend a state-run boarding school in Suffolk and, on leaving, he studied English literature at the University of Sussex, graduating in 1970. and completing an M.A. degree in the same subject at the University of East Anglia. While at East Anglia he took a creative writing course taught by the novelists Angus Wilson and Malcolm Bradbury.
He married, but divorced his first wife, who, in 1919, kidnapped their 13 - year -old son, taking him to France. McEwan obtained the sole custody of his son and his ex-wife was heavily fined. His second wife is a journalist, Annalena McAfee, whom he married in 1997. He began writing short stories for literary magazines in the early 1970s. In 1978 he published his first novel, The Cement Garden. Since then he has written novels, plays, screenplays ans scripts for television, winning several prizes and awards. He currently lives in Oxford with his family.
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