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Modern novel

Ulysses is the antihero, according to Joyce there’s no more value in him. He is a man completely different from a greck hero. There’s no division between past, present and future, you can’t distinguish period of time. The reality is obliging you to describe the routine but it’s not interesting. You continuously remember other scene, emotion and people. Create a new style in writing. The narration is continuously interrupted. Thanks to psychological analysis and war nothing of the previous age continued to live. Everybody is experiencing the same. They are able to communicate their condition but emotion are not enough. Feelings and memory to describe the new situation. Future is obscure, time has no meaning. It’s describe a moment of being not a sequence of actions. Freud and his theory influenced author, there’s the possibility to investigate mind. Dreams are analyzed to understand what there’s in mind. Mind of people is broken because there are the effects of the war. Memory where preserved, memories continued to influence adults. Subjective way to see the reality. The traditional scheme is not respected, there are different way to measure time. You can’t give a structure to time. Time units doesn’t exist. This happens thanks to the arrive of psyco analysis. Progress in what makes people paralyzed and they don’t believe in future.
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