Video appunto: McCarthy, Cormac - The Road

The Road

"The Road" is a book written by author Cormac McCarthy. The book was published in 2006.
The style of the novel is evocative and hypnotic; moreover, the style is characterized by an abundance of nominal phrases and basic dialogues.
In this post-apocalyptic novel, the author leads us on the path to a dead world, together with a father and a child who do not want to surrender to the nothing around them.

The world is made of land sprinkled with ashes. In the midst of this terrifying scenario that the two protagonists, father and small son, walk, trying to reach an ideal destination, wandering among uninhabited houses and underground shelters in search of forgotten cans of food, blankets and other useful objects to survive a few more days . The two do not succumb to the barbarism of those who have forgotten to distinguish good from evil. They do not want and cannot give it to the death that surrounds them and presses to swallow them in its eternal nothingness.
In the gun that man always carries with him there are still two bullets, one for him and one for his son: many, many times he was on the verge of pulling the trigger pointing the gun at his son's head, and then making the same thing about himself. But in those eyes there was a light, that same light that the world had now lost, there was the fire of love and self-denial, the only hope on which to rebuild humanity: "We are good .. and we bring fire."