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"The wise man fear" - Patrick Rothfuss

"The wise man fear" is a fantasy novel written by American author Patrick Rothfuss. The novel is part of a trilogy consisting of "The Name of the Wind", "The Wise Man" and "The Doors of Stone". The adventure covered by the story is epic and heroic, and winds through several scenarios within the world created by the author's fervent imagination. Patrick Rothfuss accompanies us on a journey that is passionate, enthralling, touching and at times romantic, melancholic and ironic.
The narrative is divided into four moments, which correspond to the four adventurous experiences experienced by Kvothe: at Academy, Vintas, Eld and Ademre.
At the beginning of the story, Kvothe is continuing his research, his success at the Eolian is as solid as ever, his friends are faithful, his enemies increasingly insidious and Denna increasingly elusive. All the characters make the story shine differently but it is Kvothe that plasmas everything through its way of acting and facing each event. This conductor leads to the second stage of the journey: Vintas, a rich kingdom, where Kvothe will be guest of Maer: under his service Kvothe will know for the first time luxury and wealth, but together with them, as always, will come intrigues and puzzles; he will learn how to juggle between the gossip network and choose his allies, but he will do it in his own way. The success in these businesses will lead him to the third stage: Eld, a place full of forests and woods, where a great threat lies, which Kvothe is called to choke; but will not be alone this time, because four characters will be joined by him The author's style is fluid and sliding; the pace is fast. In addition, Patrick Rothfuss has a great ability to describe the moods of the characters and to structure them extensively.
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