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1984 is a dystopian novel about the society of the future. The original title should have been The last Man in Europe, probably inspired by the strong presence of Winston Churchill(who also provided the flirts name of the protagonist), who remained virtually the "last defender" of Europe in the Second World War before the intervention of the United States.
the actual title derives from 1984, the year in which Orwell finished it and whose last two digits have been reversed.

Orwell imagine the world divided into three super-states, Eustasia, Eurasia and Oceania, all with totalitarian governments, always at war with each other. Britain, which is part of Oceania, is called "Airstrip One", dominated by omnipresent "Big Brother", ruled by "Ingsoc" (English Socialism), and controlled by the omniscient "Thought Police" aiming at the elimination of all original ideas and individual emotions. Huge photographs of the leader dominate every public spaces, worth the grim warning that "Big Brother is watching you". At home, every citizen is spied on by a camera, children are encouraged to denounce their parents for deviations from strict political orthodoxy. The protagonist is a intellectual and a member of the Outer Party whose job is to carry out this manipulation of the facts by rewriting old books and newspaper.
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