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"The Bell Jar" is a novel that was written by Sylvia Path.
In the novel a cynical world is described and its inhabitants appear for the most part predators.
In his personal, perhaps partly autobiographical, portrait of the American society of the '60s, Sylvia Plath recreates what perhaps was the suffocating, oppressive, claustrophobic personal universe, induced by a reality that proceeds and goes on dragging behind it all that he meets on his way. Esther, our protagonist is too fragile to breathe.
Its actors are anthropomorphic stereotypes: the symbol of American competitiveness, of the bourgeois appearance that conceals inconsistencies of an enamelled society but which is hypocritical within. The success, primary objective, conquered with the jackal's cunning and with that competitive spirit typical of the cowboy.
A bourgeoisie that lives of "having to be" that covers its many shadows with lights.

Esther is the protagonist and represents purity in this chaos, sincerity, the courage to refuse to live a life not proper. She finds herself squeezed into this reality of expectations that they would like to attribute to her a perfect image: wife and mother.
But the desire for a destiny already marked clashes with the desire inherent in love. To love means being condemned to live in the shadow of marriage for eternity.
The existential clash appears when you have to choose at all costs and renounce the other side of the coin: personal fulfillment, which seems to exclude family life and the presence of feelings.
We feel from the beginning of the narrative that Esther feels crushed in a grip: love has always dreamed and now disillusioned, and the possibility of undertaking all the paths that life offers her.
The story of this young woman captures us because it has the power to upset as we try to understand what the reason for her uneasiness may be. An early letting go because it is better to pretend crazy rather than stay in a hated reality, that Esther lives immersed in its milkyness.
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